Welcome to Nalowale Kai Kohola!

This archipelago is located just outside the Foreverwind radius on the left side of Shiran’s half of Tir. It is surrounded by an immense barrier reef that makes travel to and from this area very difficult. Beyond the reef it is rumored that the oceans are infested with Kraken. Further secluding the archipelago from the rest of Tir.

There are 3 races that rule together in Nalowale Kai Kohola. They are Humans, who dwell on the surface, Azer, who live in the volcanic depths of the mountains, and the Aquelvaan, who live in the coral that makes up the reef. The Tribunal consists of a representative of each race that governs the archipelago. There are other intelligent species here but most are either enslaved or forced to the least inhabitable parts of the archipelago.

Most of the population worships Shiran, the goddess of light, and Kurn, the god of darkness. Both are revered equally as opposing parts of the creator. Some of the lesser races worship other gods but those religions are as oppressed as the creatures that follow them.

Nalowale Kai Kohola Archipelago